We are HIS children.  Why did HE not want us to pursue [eat of] the Tree of the Knowledge Good and Evil?  Satan answered that for us.  "Because HE doesn't want you to be gods!"  GOD told Adam and Eve [when they were living in EDEN, an Eternal PARADISE] not to eat of this tree because they were not yet ready to be like GOD.  Self denial [OBEDIENCE] and HUMBLENESS [doing GOD's Will not ones own] had not been achieved and they were not ready to have or righteously use the GOD power innate within each Child of GOD.  Only when it is harnessed by and through GOD, via HIS HOLY SPIRIT [within us] should we develop or use this power.  It should never be used by the fire of EMOTIONAL MOTIVATION.

Adam and Eve disobeyed and "ate" of this "tree" before GOD had deemed it appropriate.  They were not yet skilled or learned enough to wisely use GOD's power.  They were still children, immature, and you do not give guns and matches to children.  Because they sought this power to be like GOD in disobedience, they and all their fleshly offspring [along with this earth] have been cursed with death [losing the Eternal].  Because having this power and knowledge prematurely would have endangered and polluted God's Eternal Zone, we are separated out and our lifespan now includes DEATH and limitations and we are encapsulated and separated from GOD and the ETERNAL in this linear time zone we are in.  Fortunately, GOD, knowing the end from the beginning, sacrificed HIS SON, YESHUA, before the foundations of our earth, providing a WAY forward for our REDEMPTION.

 Now, satan, Prince of the Air, still encourages us to use our latent and dampened down abilities as GOD's children within activities of sorcery, witch craft, and EMOTIONAL SELF indulgences.  In the age we are in he encourages humans to develop these yearnings via video games, music, make believe and fantasy, self gratifications [all falsehoods based on EMOTION and designed to bring EMOTION to the forefront of our brain.] GOD had given to man as an aid to maturity HIS Will as expressed in HIS Law.  The Law teaches us how to be HUMBLE [putting GOD and others before SELF emotions; how to love HIM and our fellow humans via REASON, not EMOTION].  HE gave us the vital rules that would teach us the proper attitude, and develop our maturity and stability by using thoughtful REASON instead of EMOTION.  These LAWS [HIS Will for mankind] if practiced and conformed to, would develop the type of mind and heart that could Righteously use the innate ability to tap into HIS power when HE made it available to us again via our loving desire for and submission to HIS SON, YESHUA who came into our encapsulated zone of Linear time to be put to death in place of all of us whose eternal death sentence was postponed long ago by a loving FATHER GOD.

Our FATHER has confined us outside of HIS Eternal because HE did not want to destroy us at that time, as HIS Law required.  HE used MERCY, and created a PLAN from the beginning [being ALL KNOWING]   This PLAN was given to YESHUA our LAMB before the foundations of our earth.  HE was, is, and will be, the only ONE who can fulfill this PLAN, and dispense upon earth the   7 SPIRITS [Mountains/Lamps of GOD] to separate the REDEEMED from the TARES.  HE is the FIRST [ALPHA], the FIFTH [MARTYR LAMB], and the SEVENTH [OMEGA=DAY OF THE LORD, HIS KINGDOM COME!]  These Spirits draw to them GOD's children, the REDEEMED [those who choose GOD'S GLORY].  The remaining four SPIRITS behind the Seals on the Scroll of our Restoration draw to them the TARES [those who choose SELF GLORY, GREED, FALSE RELIGION, and  RULE OF MAN.] They are the 2nd SPIRIT of SELF GLORY [Satan]; the 3rd SPIRIT of GREED [Babylonian World Trade/Usury];  the 4th SPIRIT of FALSE RELIGION;  and the 6th SPIRIT of MAN'S SELF RULE [relying on man's wisdom, and denying of all gods.]  This PLAN is the SCROLL with 7 Seals that only the LAMB was worthy to enact. [Revelations 5].  Each Seal when removed sends out a Spirit that watches and marks man according to what man desires.  All of the Seals have been removed in our time except the 7th.  All these spirits run to and fro upon the earth marking, according to what they see, the humans of earth. [As explained above].  One can read about the first 4 spirits being upon the earth in Zechariah, and Job's time.  The Scroll is also mentioned in Zechariah as passing overhead and separating out the LIARS and THIEVES. [All sin has it's roots in these two actions.] The first SEAL was removed when the Adamic earth was formed.  The 2nd came in Eden.  The 3rd came soon after and influenced the Tower of Babel.  The 4th came at the same time when false gods manifested in the life and minds of man.  All these ran to and fro exerting their influence and marking humans according to what they saw.  The 5th came when Yeshua came and became our LAMB, and PAID OUR PRICE FOR REDEMPTION.  We are in the 6th, which influences man to think he has the glory and the ability to decide his own fate without gods--MAN'S RULE UPON EARTH.  All these spirits are still here watching, influencing, and marking the Redeemed, and the Tares.  The 7th Seal is soon to be removed and it brings the 7 trumpet events, and at the 7th., JESUS is given AUTHORITY over all the earth and HE makes HIS Harvest of Believers, and brings on the WRATH of Vials to cleanse the earth of the Tares, eliminate the Babylonian system of greed, bind satan, and eliminate all false god worship. [HE returns in the 70th SEVEN of Daniel]  HE begins rule for the 1,000 years without the influence of satan, false gods, usury, and man's philosophy and ideas [as HE rules with an iron, inflexible rod] and where perfect teaching will begin.  Godly WISDOM and REASON will prevail!  No longer will actions be determined by EMOTION!

 In GOD's PLAN for restoring [REDEEMING] us we were given free will to choose which way we would go.  We were given the conditions [cursed earth] and the instructions for success [HIS LAWs] that would shape our mind [REASON] and desires [HEART] into the needed tabernacle/temple for HIS HOLY SPIRIT [which includes HIS wisdom and power] to reside within. Until that time when we are truly and forever "BORN into the SPIRIT" [which comes at the first resurrection and the twinkling change JUDGMENT] we [the BELIEVER who has the TESTIMONY of YESHUA] are still subject to the influence of sin, but we have been given the tools of REPENTANCE [the HOLY SPIRIT, and the LAWS] so that we can overcome with HIS Wisdom and Power to cling to RIGHTEOUSNESS until the end with PATIENCE and FAITH when we are RESTORED. 

When the Believer or non-believer rules their life by EMOTION they are targets of demon influence.  The Laws of GOD were given to guide us to REASON, not EMOTION.  Anger, Lust, Pride, Hate, Greed, Revenge, Selfishness, [Self-Pity--Self Importance] are all EMOTION based.  Each of these can open windows for satan and demonic influence to enter.  When we open one of those windows we must recognize it and close it as soon as possible before a demon enters, and ask our FATHER for forgiveness, and the strength to keep them closed.  We are now seeing the  fruits of EMOTION within our nation and how it sets up the individual to act irrational and with self indulgence. 

Demons and evil spirits feed on EMOTION and they will, upon finding the vulnerable, diminish the workings of their minds, enhancing even more EMOTION and irrational behavior.  Just look around the world today.  Look at the emotions of HATE that rule over the tares, making them believe in no gods, or false gods. Look at those who are ruled by the EMOTIONS of LUST, as they abuse others; the EMOTIONS of PRIDE, and SELF INDULGENCE  as they seek fame in the entertainment industries and weave fantasy and emotional tails of a false reality.  All these EMOTIONS rule over the TARES, making them believe in the lies that the Prince of the Air spreads over the earth.  The EMOTIONAL will seek power, fame, wealth, self gratification and revenge via lies, theft and murder.  They will lie to us to sell their products which steal the innocence of our youth, our souls, and damage our health; stealing our Eternal Life. 

They are frantic as they sense their time is short upon the earth.  We need to "drain the swamp" in our government of reptiles and snakes who supported and support liars, thieves and murderers to gain their desires.  We need to turn our back on all who try to manipulate us via their lies and their fantasy worlds.  We need to stop buying their products [including schooling in universities which hate America] that are presented with delusion and emotions and which are damaging our peoples; especially our young ones.