John 7:38-He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. Jeremiah 2:13 For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water. Jeremiah 17:13 O Lord, the hope of Israel, all that forsake thee shall be ashamed, and they that depart from me shall be written in the earth, because they have forsaken the Lord, the fountain of living waters. Rev.7:17 For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them, and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters: and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.


The Dream was not induced by any need or concern in my life. It happened in my life at a time where I was comfortable in life, no problems, and I was already a Believer, but I was not one who was heavy in the Word. The dream was fully interpreted to me upon my awakening. I did not understand then why God gave me that dream, but I do now, as the Latter Times have stepped upon the door ways of our earthly homes. It was His way of picturing in my mind Christ's Glorious Task, so that no doctrinal arguments of man could cause confusion in this Latter time. It is a dream that I have always felt I was meant to share and give away. I also believe that it is a marker that it is indeed my generation that is the fig tree generation.


      It started in the bright sunlight, I was seeing out of the eyes of the one who was walking. I was not aware of another walking with this person. The walk was taking place on a sunny and beautiful flowered and grass covered hillside that bordered the woods. (Christ in a perfect Heaven full of light. A place that borders our wilderness of earth which is shaded from the light, and not under the rule of Christ.) He said, “There is a child who died before they had a chance to grow. Let US go find him." (Exact wording, I will never forget these words.) These were the only words actually spoken in the dream. (Christ speaks in the plurality, using the word "us", The Father, and the Holy Spirit. Represented here is His authority to find and save us, as He was the one who paid the price, the ransom for us as our Lamb.)


      Then, still seeing out of the eyes of the speaker, He approached and entered the woods.  He walked through the dark woods, eventually coming into a clearing in the midst of the woods. (This clearing represents the efforts of man and the accomplishments of man in clearing a space within the wilderness…a very, very, tiny space for so many years upon this earth.) In this clearing, in the center, was an old, decaying, falling down cabin/dwelling, a wreck, with a deck, also mostly collapsed in the front portion. (This old, wreck of a cabin represents all that man has accomplished and built, which will all be destroyed.) I am still seeing out of His eyes.


      He approaches the deck and reaches towards some old grey cabinets that are on the deck against the cabin wall facing outward. (The cabinets represent containers in which we hide our condition from others.) He opens the door of a cabinet and out falls, tumbling down, an ancient old mummified corpse of a half-grown child, frozen in the fetal position. (This represents original man who sinned and fell before he was grown into that which God had planned, and it represents each human as an individual because we all share in that fall.) This corpse, much like the images we have seen coming from the Nazi extermination camps, fell out and came to rest at the feet of this Man....silent and still. (Nothing this corpse can do will save itself…it represents man's state of existence without God after the Fall. It represents how we are all included in this state…equal in our deadness and ugliness. It represents that we have no glory outside of Christ.  Knowing this, no one should ever look down at another, or think they are better than another.)


       Know this, I am not squeamish by nature in any way. When I discover a dead animal I like to look into it to see how it is put together or what might be there. I, in the dream, at this point, am made to feel a horrible abomination, fear, disgust, loathing of this thing. (Satan looks upon fallen man in the same way. He does not love us, but wants to destroy us…yet he fears us because of Christ…and he fears the power that we can have through Christ. The Father also cannot look upon un-holy man without the covering of Christ.) I am no longer looking from His eyes, but I am now placed at the parameter of the clearing looking towards the event that is occurring. I am silently shouting within my dream/mind: "Go away, leave, and get away from this thing." (Not the exact words, but with the same feeling as in a nightmare, I was made to feel at this point in the dream what satan would feel. My heart is starting to race, even as I type these words. I am sure that when satan saw how Christ found us and saved us, that satan also shared these feelings. This truly had to be a nightmare for satan, he truly must have wanted the process to stop.)


      Watching from the edge of the clearing, I see Him look down at this "thing". Then....I see this thing start to move. (Such fear washes over me! Satan’s fear again as he realizes his doom, and that his work is about to be nullified.) It moves more, unfolding from the fetal position, still laying on it's side, it twists its upper body towards the Man, and stretches it's small, dry, shrunken, ancient arms upward towards the Man....hands opened, as if asking to be picked up. (This is man recognizing the Glory of Christ and his own need for Christ and asking Christ to save him and redeem him.) And, now, I, writing about the dream, cry, feeling and remembering this moment in the dream. Tho while in the dream I was still made to feel as one who was horrified at this thing at this event happening. This horrific feeling is again what satan felt as he saw man reach for Christ's salvation.


      Instantly I am awash with love radiating from the Man. Heavy, an almost visible solid love.... like I have never, and will never experience in this world from human or animal sources. I have only experienced this love from Godly sources. (This is the pure and powerful love that Christ has for us.) As I watch, He is looking down at the thing who has upraised its arms. The Man starts to bend down, and continues to bend down, reaching out His arms, touching the thing. The love I am experiencing in the dream is almost too much to bear. The Man picks up the thing, and lifts it up, bringing it close to His chest, and tucks it under His chin. (Being Holy, think about the pain this must have caused Christ, touching this unholy thing.) He holds it tight as a woman holds her young child. (Christ does it all…. nothing is done by man, except the initial act of recognizing his need and asking Christ for salvation; an asking, with desire like an infant has for it's mother's comfort and protection and nourishment.) He starts to walk, slowly, walking back and forth, holding the child tight to Himself. (This is the process of the Holy Spirit working within us.)


      As I watch, I am no longer afraid, or having feelings of abomination and disgust at this time in the dream. (Satan is gone; there is nothing he can do at this point as he does not have the power to take us out of Christ's arms, as long as we trust and rest in patience within Christ's protection.) I am startled to notice that the child is changing. The deathliness and ancient decay of the corpse thing is giving way to the renewed beauty of the child. But the change continues...and the Man continues to walk back and forth, calmly and quietly, loving and holding the child. (As the power of the Holy Spirit works within us we are transformed into a good work.) As I watch, I see that the child is turning transparent, and as the process continues, the walk of the Man continues while holding the child, and the child turns into a totally transparent, crystal clear like living glass, moving baby of about 9 months of age from the size of it!  The Man stops his walking to and fro, and He holds this glorious, radiant, reflecting the light, crystal clear child between His hands and lifts him up into the air towards the Heavens, as tho He were offering the child to the Father. (This is the completion of Christ's Glorious Task…redeeming us, transforming us, and finally transfiguring us into our new body…. the one which can go where ever Christ goes and is in the Father, as Jesus is in the Father!)


     Then, I was instantly transported into this baby child.... i was surrounded by the firmament of space and stars. This is the really hard part...how to describe what it felt like being within this child.... being this child. I was totally freed from the weight and chains of sin. My intellect and mind was no longer shaded by the conditions of the earthly mind.... totally brilliant in it's working. My soul and love and will was totally in harmony with God's. I knew that I could in the blink of an eye go to any spot in creation and do the Will of God and was totally equipped to do it. I was totally free, yet my will was His Will. The power, the love, the knowledge....it was indescribable.... the existence in this new body.


     Then I awoke.... I was back in what I now perceived as the chaos of this world, the death of this world, the heaviness of this world. I jumped from bed, and was scurrying from room to room, crying in despair, needing, wanting to go back, not wanting to lose that wonderful existence, truly like an after-death experience from what I have read. Eventually I was comforted by the thoughts that someday, I, we all will be able to go to our real home...we just have to be patient.


     This dream was fully interpreted upon awakening. That wonderful glass like child of living waters was our transfigured bodies that Christ has promised us, the least of all that is promised. Nothing in this earth, no matter the riches or amount of success can even compare to this wonderful gift. One could own the entire world and rule it, and that condition could still not compare to being in this new body that was made for the lost who were found and saved, and who endure to the end, made for us by Our Lord, totally all the work was His, all the Glory was His, we can take credit for nothing, except raising our arms to Him and resting in His arms, safe, tucked beneath His chin. This had to be a terrible event for satan to witness as it brought all his plans for personal glory to ruin. Search your heart! The Lord comes!


PRAYER: Thank You FATHER for caring for us and sending Jesus to save us. We are yours forever to serve you in all that you would have us do. In Jesus Name, Amen.

The second time I received a one on one message from God was after I got to work from a one hour drive from home.  I had experienced an incident which caused me to lose my temper while driving due to the thoughtless and ignorant actions of another.  (I flipped the finger.)  I had been working on a character issue (temper/anger) for a long time.  I knew that losing one's temper and expressing the anger is the bottom rung of murder.  I got to my office and I was so upset at myself for loosing my temper that I cried out to God internally..."I've killed again,...why.... why...do I do this?"  Immediately within my head came the words, fully formed and complete:


Straight forward and true! So simple.  We were not put here on earth to love ourselves, but to give to others all that love that we would apply to ourselves.  I immediately turned and typed out the message and will never forgot it....which is amazing because my mind was not blessed well with "memory".   (Not yet being "Restored", the knowing is not enough...I still must, each day,  strive to do this!)