PSALMS 15 (Who is Acceptable?)

My Bible readings led me to Psalm 15.  For some time I have been wondering on God's definition of "good character", and what important categories that righteous living translate into our every day life, and the Psalm I came across went along way in defining the actual behavior of one with godly character.  To me, it read how we are to "stand fast in the Lord.  It is these types of people who will be sheltered under God's wing.  I also found a remarkable resemblance to the same order in which the 10 commandments were given.  The first parts of which are dependent on loving our God, and the second part about loving our neighbors and treating them right.  Would make a great teaching lesson for our children in home and in church.  I'll paraphrase it first, as when one is sharing the words in the Bible, with another, that is what they do, and when sharing with a child, it is best to keep it simple.
PSALM 15 by David.  (Who is be acceptable to dwell in God's Holy Hill, in His tabernacle?    Here is the list of each thing mentioned.)
   1--One who doesn't sneak around in the dark, but walks uprightly in the light....not being a hypocrite or pretender.
(Let there be Light!)
   2--One who does things in a righteous manner. (Righteous is totally dependent upon belonging to God, and His character.)(Righteous: behaving according to a religious or moral code (morality); considered to be correct or justifiable.  I guess this would include God's 10 commandments, and Christ's summation of the commandments.)
   3--One who speaks the truth from his heart and loves the truth. (Would have to have Jesus Christ in our hearts to accomplish this one.) One who speaks out for the truth. (We cannot even truly recognize truth, until we recognize our need for it.....which leads us to accepting Christ....which leads us to having the Holy Spirit...our guide to all Truth.)
   4--One who doesn't backbite (lie), talk badly about someone behind that persons back. (Backbite: to make spiteful or slanderous comments about somebody who is not present.)
   5--One who doesn't do evil to his neighbor.
   6--One who keeps from doing wrong or behaving disgracefully against his friends, causing himself reproach.

(7 and 8 are how we are to pick our friends.)

   7--One who dislikes intensely with contempt, a person that is shameful, despicable, disgusting and/or abhorrent.
(I looked up "despised" and "vile".)  DARK
   8--One who honors those who fear the LORD.
(honors: showing great respect, admiration, esteem and praise)  LIGHT
   9--One who doesn't change his character when he is hurt or under bad circumstances.
   10--One who doesn't charge a profit on a loan (usury).
   11--One who doesn't take advantage of the innocent to better his own position.

The above kind of person shall stand and never be moved.

Golly Gee.....I guess none of us are acceptable.  Oh...Wait!....We are covered by Christ's Righteousness...and can while on Earth, stand in Him!  

KJ Version  Psalm 15:1-5= Lord, who shall abide in thy tabernacle? who shall dwell in thy holy hill?  He that (1)walketh uprightly, and (2)worketh righteousness, and (3)speaketh the truth in his heart.  He that (4)backbiteth not with his tongue, nor (5)doeth evil to his neighbour, nor (6)taketh up a reproach against his neighbor.  In whose eyes (7)a vile person is condemned; but he (8)honoureth them that fear the LORD. (9)He that sweareth to his own hurt, and changeth not.  He that (10)putteth not out his money to usury, (11) nor taketh reward against the innocent. He that doeth these things shall never be moved.

We should be seeking to purchase from God the gold (self sacrifice) refined in the fire, and the white clothes we get through Jesus Christ's Righteousness, and the salve of the Truth of God for our eyes that we might see what His Will is for us.




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