Satan means for there to be division amongst Believers....he offers many doorways for man's salvation....he authors confusion.
As for doorway is Christ..Yeshua....He found me.  The Holy Spirit is the Gift I was given when He found me.  My Father is Jehovah God.   How they all relate to one another will be taught to me.  My salvation is not dependent on how I view their unity...I am not big enough to see them yet.   That teaching is another that satan has used amongst the churches to keep man from God, and to muddy the waters.   As each church fights for their glory and their identify as the best one...and even the only one....people see that fight...and decide that God does not exist...because His followers don't know the first thing about love for one another....and how to value one another....and hope for one another.  The churches battle is with satan....not with each other.  Churches are like kids at the play ground.....each striving to get to the slide first....being in charge...swinging higher than another....going faster.  When we all should be like people in a field....planting our rows and tending them so that the plant will produce fruit from this earth.  That field belongs to God, the seeds are from God (they are not modified seeds from Monsanto), and the workers are each of us who are guided by the Holy Spirit.  After God harvests the fruits...He will unite us as One with Him.
I am not searching for a true church.   I just search every day to know my God I can love Him more.   It will be an endless search because He is infinite.  I am not searching for a peace of mind....because I am here on earth...and every day I find peace when I am with Him through the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit, Christ and God did not want man to be divisive with His truth..causing conflict within His True Church....the Body of all Believers.  I know we are all the seeds of God...and only the Holy Spirit can cause that seed to grow.  The GIFT of the Holy Spirit does not belong to any one church on earth to give out based on the covenants one has made with the church.  Only God controls the Holy Spirit.   
I still and always will believe that any church on earth that claims it is the only ran by man...because no man is perfect enough to claim a church for his own.   God's true church is not here anymore....but will be when He returns.  After Christ gave all believers the Holy Spirit to protect them from the strivings of man....we no longer needed a prophet to lead us.   The Gift of the Holy Spirit was not given to all believers in Christ until He ascended.....thus...before that....prophets were they spoke for God.  Why ask for leadership in something less than the Holy Spirit, which all Believers now have?   The curtain that was torn was the separation between each believer and God.   We can now go directly to Him....we do not have to go through the pope or a prophet...tho we can respect both if they are pure of heart and working for their congregations.  One thing that I know is that we should test all spirits that appear to us....because even satan can appear as an angel of light and glory.
There is only one True Church of God....and to be a member of that Church you only have to recognize that we are unworthy (repent and turn away from sin) and bow on knees and ask Christ to forgive you...and accept Him as your Lord....above all others.   Salvation, freely given to all as a choice....claimed by many...all unworthy of making that claim...but allowed by God to do so.  Those who do....belong to the Only True Church....and the ID card they carry is the Gift of the Holy Spirit....Who will reunite them as one body when Christ returns.   No church of man can offer that has been taken from man.  The Jehovah Witnesses, The Seven Day Adventist, The Catholics, and the Latter Day Saints, The Church of Christ (and a thousand, thousand more that have all claimed to be Christ's restored church of the latter times...all with their prophets).....none hold exclusive rights to God or His Salvation....but all members within individuals....can partake in Christ's sacrifice and Gift...because it cannot be earned by our merit. 
My truth is all Christ and none of man.....and this truth is narrow enough without making it even more narrow.  In these times we are to love one another.....pray open to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  We are not to claim that my truth is greater than yours....or yours is greater than mine.....because we are all Believers in Christ....and through Him all things will be taken care of.   The soldier in the field who accepts the Lord and is killed...does not have to wait for a man to baptize him....or for one of his ancestors to baptize him after he is dead.  There will be plenty of time to do that in the 1,000 years when all knowledge is perfect .....if that is necessary.  If you are doing good in your church....than continue to do good.....unto Christ's return.   What i believe....if it is good....I will continue in that belief....and in my walk with there are many who the Holy Spirit teaches regarding the understanding of the conflicts in the we look to Him first for all are welcome to do the same.   Once we have accepted belief in ....Yashua   Yeshua   Yahushua   Jesus .... we should honor Him by total immersion into running waters if we can....and act of obedience....and symbolic of our cleansing through belief that Jesus was our LAMB on the cross, who died for our sins.  (See BAPTISM below.)
The Holy Spirit does not inspire anything or anyone (including me) to draw conclusions that cannot be verified in the Word of God....the Bible....even tho man wrote the words down....The Holy Spirit can always give us the correct meaning of the words.  I am somewhat suspect of new authority that comes after the time of the Apostles.   There have been many, many, many, new authorities...including the Pope....that have changed the direction of the message to point towards the opinions of a man....instead of towards The Holy Spirit, The Christ, and The Father.  I can have my own ideas and thoughts....but they are just opinion until they are verified in the Bible.....until something ties together there.  It says somewhere in the Bible, Christ said it, that many things will not be understood until the latter times....because of the Holy Spirit tying together that which was spoken in the Bible by events that take place during our times.
I just find it a more simple and narrow road for me to stick with....that which has already been provided.   I can't imagine the Christ giving us a gift that would be defective in any way....and would need further refinement or revelation from man after those times.   The catholic church tossed some of the books of the Bible...but they are still available for reading by those who seek them out.  In fact...the catholic church tried to keep the entire Bible from their followers.  The Holy Spirit was given as a guide to all who accept Christ....the only perfect guide to help them understand scripture and prophesy that has already been given about our times in the Word of God...the Bible...finalized by the Apostles who could bring life forth from death because they had the blessing and power from God.   The depth of the Bible is almost infinite with what it gives about all matters.  It lays out what is going to happen in our times, and it lays out the authority....Christ...who will be the head of the church once more during the Millennium.   Why do we have to make things more complicated then that?   We can study the Bible every day, every year and it contains all man needs for salvation....with the help of the Holy Spirit.
God does not change.....that same teaching should be prevalent today.   One should not be required to belong to this church or that in order to have the label applied to them that they are acceptable of God.   Because only God can make that call.....not man.   That is what was being taught.  Jesus Christ, the way and His hand still stretches out to all the lost from each light within a Believer....which comes from the Holy Spirit.
Man has made worship very confusing to so many folks since the true Apostles left earth,  ...because like at a carnival...with each barker shouting "come here.....come here"....each man has added his own beliefs and "inspirations" to the mix....each is man's way...has tried to make himself stand over another.   The prophets of God's authority, the Apostles, and Christ foretold what would detail.  No other prophet of God uplifted himself...but only pointed toward Christ and Christ's authority and leadership.  I know the Pope and Joseph Smith both still proclaimed God above them....but they both inserted their authority between the Holy Spirit and their followers.   There in comes the danger....the Holy Spirit could be witnessing to a catholic or a mormon, or some other exclusive church of man....and unless their earthly authority verified that witness, interpreted that witness, the follower will not listen to what the Holy Spirit may be saying.   The follower turns to his man of earth for guidance....thus putting something between them and the gift from Christ....the Holy Spirit.   
Christ made it very clear....that after His sacrifice, after His earthly death, shedding His blood, and His resurrection, and before His ascension, that He was leaving the Holy Spirit with each Believer as their gift for belief in Him and enslavement to Him....and that Holy Spirit would be their guide......a straight connection.....the veil was torn could now have direct access to God, through the Holy Spirit.....he no longer had to go through priests for his understandings.   No where does it foretell in the Bible that there will be any one great person to gather the church again in the Latter Days....but that all the men and women of God will through the Holy Spirit receive inspiration, revelation, and understanding if they seek it with pure hearts during the latter times the sons and daughters of man will prophesy, dream dreams, see visions....and understand the ways of God". Joel 2:28-29.  
This did not set well with man who wanted his own glory and understanding of things to be foremost.   This great and glorious Gift took the power away from those that would use believers for their own ends.....with intent....or with innocent misunderstanding.....they interpreted things differently and did not bend on their interpretations....because of their ego and their desire to be wise and unique.  The Word was written down in the Books of the Bible.   There is nothing in there that the Holy Spirit cannot interpret for a Believer if he has earnest love for God and seeks true understanding....only for the sake of knowing their God better.....not for any attempt to prove their own opinions or their own elevations.   Each time I come up with an opinion.....based on my search....I am aware that if I still have it will be straightened by the Holy Spirit.   I am not seeking to uplift myself....or create any stature above another.   I just want to love my God as well as I can...I want to know Him as much as He wants me to....and allows me to.  
I would caution anyone to be careful about allowing any individual of earth to be placed between them and the Holy Spirit.....that great gift given to us all by our Savior.   With that great Gift we need no other help in our quest to fully love Our Lord.  
No man or matter how much honor, glory, or love they offer....will stand between me and my God.   No man or matter how they may seek to dishonor, demean, or overlook me....will stand between me and my God....or shape my long as the Holy Spirit rules within.  That is my understanding as I progress in my limited abilities holding fast the hand of the Holy Spirit. 
We are to put our trust in no says the Bible.  All of our trust and hope should be put upon Christ.
In love....
Search your heart!  The Lord comes!




Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

LUKE 13:



6=He spake also this parable; A certain man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard; and he came and sought fruit thereon, and found none.



7=Then said he unto the dresser of his vineyard, Behold, these three years I come seeking fruit on this fig tree, and find none: cut it down; why cumbereth it the ground?
cut it down Matt 3:10, Matt 7:19, Luke 3:9, Luke 13:9, John 15:6


8=And he answering said unto him, Lord, let it alone this year also, till I shall dig about it, and dung it:



9=And if it bear fruit, well: and if not, then after that thou shalt cut it down.
cut it down Matt 3:10, Matt 7:19 Luke 3:9, Luke 13:7 John 15:6

I believe that one interpretation of the above is that the certain man is Eternal Father, and mankind is the fig tree in the vineyard (Earth), and the Son of God, Jesus Christ is the dresser of the vineyard, and has asked the Eternal Father to give Him a Day in the Millennium to have the fig tree directly tended by Jesus Christ as our King... with the beginning of the DAY OF THE LORD being the tribulation/Wrath that digs up the ground about the tree, and than Christ and the Saints, who are now One in the Will of God, within the Millennium supply the fertilizer and the tree is given that last 1,000 years to learn repentance of self will.....and then man will bear fruit in abundance by understanding in love and acknowledging that God's Will is the one we should have.  Those who have not repented will than be cut down and tossed into the fire and burnt when the Great White Throne of the Father descends to earth.

Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

BAPTISM:  Do you know that in the Hebrew days of old the person that was witness to your immersion could not touch you....because they were not the AUTHORITY?  The act of Baptism was between the one committing to Jesus and the Authority of Jesus which was given to Jesus by the Father!  He touches you through the Holy Spirit!
Others would witnessed to be sure you were totally immersed, all of your body.  The one who is demonstrating his faith by immersion, does it himself, makes a statement covering his commitment:
COMMITMENT:  A confessing of REPENTANCE of their transgressions and of their desire to live in obedience to Jesus, and learn more about His Teachings, and that they believe He is their LAMB sacrifice for their sins, the Way to Eternal Life and that He is the Son of our Father Who is in Heaven....their Master and Savior...and that He died, and rose on the Third day....making it possible, to be Baptized in the Authority of His Name...Yahushua (Jesus), the Son of the Father Elohim YHWH.
 One enters the water, and goes forward under the water.  He does not lean backward relying upon anyone. The immersion is totally the decision of the person who immerses himself.  No one makes him do it and no one helps him do it.  It is totally his choice, an act of faith, and each person is responsible for his own immersion.  It demonstrates complete repentance of the past and a new Life with Jesus, supported by the Holy Spirit which is a Gift to the Believer. 
Whenever possible, immersion is "witnessed" by a person who goes into the water so they can see if all of the body was covered.  That person can also say a blessing or prayer afterwards, and that person can witness the new Believer's commitment statement.  But, if there are no witnesses, one can make their statement to Jesus.

If someone comes to faith but has not a church body,  they can still be Baptized.  It is not commonly known, but any Believer can Baptize another.  We are encouraged to gather together with other Believers as we grow and support each other in the Faith.  But...if all one has is their Bible, and a new found Faith...and they are isolated....and desire to demonstrate to the Heavens above their commitment....they can Baptize themselves....if they feel the need to do so.  They can invite a friend or family to be their witness.  At a later time, if the opportunity presents itself, they can be Baptized within a church group if they find one.  In the times of Jesus, when one came to Belief they were told to go and be Baptized as soon as they could.