When God gave us the 10 Commandments, and The Lord's Prayer, the Word of Salvation via the Gospel Message, through Jesus Christ, and the Gift of the Holy Spirit when we accept Christ as our Head....Our Lord......He pretty much gave us all we need to live our temporary lives here on earth.  Of added value, as warnings, we were given the prophets in the Old Testament which were given prophecy that covered our time and beyond.   Mankind..... throughout the ages since God revealed Himself to them....has strived for personal power and gain, making something complicated out of that which is simple and in Jesus Christ....the only door to eternity because He was worthy to pay the price.  There is no church on earth today which has a door that can offer what Christ did....alone....on the cross.  Man is constantly trying to take his piece of glory for himself....put himself as something important in the midst of the door to salvation. 


That mankind believes that they can define God is the pinnacle of arrogance....and the antithesis of meek and humble.   It is enough for me that God has defined who I am (a lost dead sinner), and has provided a Sacrificial Lamb (Jesus Christ) to provide the means and the focus for my eternal life and personal homeward  journey of redemption and self discovery within God.  All glory belongs to God.   


The first Believers did not have even have the Bible....they had the words of the prophets as recorded and placed in their gathering places, and as heard via family memorizations....and the words of Jesus Christ as heard in person, and as recorded by His Apostles, and spread by word of mouth.   After Christ was sacrificed they also had direct access to the Holy Spirit and the words the Apostles wrote down, inspired of God. In time many of these words were put together in the Bible.....not all the words written were included....but enough.....because we truly have The Holy Spirit within us as our teacher.


In hard times to come.....if I am unable to gather together with others (church)....I will still have my Bible.  If I lose my Bible....I will still have the Holy Spirit....and that wonderful Gift....I will never lose!!!!   It is my Leader, my Teacher, and my Guide.  It will bring me back home, an eternity in harmony, enjoyment and service to my Father.  In the mean time....wherever I am, the presence of the Holy Spirit will be there also, I can worship, I can learn of, I can serve, and I can love JHVH, thanks to my faith in Jesus Christ.  There is no higher authority here on earth than the Holy Spirit.  All who have that Holy Spirit have that authority and can be used by God to accomplish anything that God needs to be done....if they have submitted their will entirely to be under His.





The LORD'S PRAYER, as given by Christ to man, when He was asked what the perfect prayer is.  The words of this prayer perfectly positions where mankind should be in relation to God.  It is also given in order of importance....just as the 10 Commandments were given in order of importance.  I have paraphrased it below.  The first four lines and the last four lines are all about God.    The four lines in the middle are about man, and how man should pursue man's life here on earth while we are separated from God, our Father.  If we are praying for these things than I am thinking that we have positioned ourselves with meekness and humbleness where God wants us to be.......relying on Him instead of man.  



Our Father, Who is in Heaven,


Whose name is Highest and Holiest.


We pray that Your Kingdom comes to earth,


Your Will (over and above ours) be done on earth, as Your Will is done in Heaven.


Give us this Day our DAILY BREAD (Christ is our Bread of Life.)

We ask that You meet our needs a day at a time (acknowledging our dependence upon You.).

Forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who have trespassed against us.


Lead us not into the temptation of the false glory of the anti-christ.


Protect us from the evil of now (and that which will be manifest at the end times).


For Thine is the Only and True Kingdom,


All Power is Yours,


And.....All Glory is Yours....there is no Glory unless You are in it,


And You are forever.