HE is the LAMB who paid with HIS life to be in charge of the 7 SEALED SCROLL OF RESTORATION (Rev.5).

Rev.5:4=John wept much (when he was taken in the Spirit to God' Eternal Time Zone where the beginning and the end were) because it didn't look like anyone was WORTHY to open the Scroll.  Would John have wept if this was a scroll of apocalypse???  NO!  It was the Scroll of Restoration....with the first Seal releasing the events of Genesis, Chapter One....the beginning of our Spiritual Restoration.


ON THAT SCROLL.......................................JESUS IS THE SPIRIT OF:

 THE FIRST SEAL(Beginning, Conqueror of satan and his plan for mankind), 

THE FIFTH MARTYR SEAL (Sacrifice of Restoration, giving us the HOLY SPIRIT), 

The LAMB, having a Spirit willing to die for others.


These three Spirits attract those who desire and thirst for the WILL OF GOD THE FATHER.

Only the doctrines of man claim the Scroll as being one of Apocalypse in the end times.  John would not have mourned that no one could be found to open an apocalyptic scroll.  There are far more scriptures that show the Scroll being the entire Plan of our Redemption from Alpha to Omega. The Apocalypse does not start until the Seventh Seal is removed. All the Seals except the 7th has been released. The first 4 were shown in Zechariah and one [satan] even in Jobs time. The Scroll also is mentioned in OT. The 7 Eyes of Jesus and the 7 Seals on the Scroll are the Spirits Lamps before the throne of GOD.  I base this understanding on the following scriptures.  There is not one scripture which ID's the Scroll as one of Apocolypse.  Rev.4:5, Rev 5:6, Rev. 6:2-5, Rev.19:11, Job 2:2, Zechariah 1:10, Zechariah 1:11, Zechariah 3:9, Zechariah 4:10, Zechariah 6:1-8, Zechariah 5:1-4


     The remaining four seals are Spirits of satanic influence which attract and separate out the tares according to their desires for their own will. (2nd: the dragon's spirit of self desire, fame and power and ego), (3rd:the spirit of the Babylonian seeker of wealth) (4th:the spirit of false religion) ....these first four seals were going to and fro on the earth back in the Old Testament.....(and the 6th Spirit which is the spirit of man's glory, rule, and self reliance)....the one we are in now.  In order to attract out the tares it is necessary to have these 7 spirits on the earth.  The Scroll process of releasing these spirits upon the earth is to restore the earth and the Children of God by separating out the tares (children of satan) from the harvest of Jesus when man's authority is finished upon earth during the DAY OF THE LORD (7th Seal Spirit).  After Jesus' Harvest at the last trump (7th) as it is about to sound..... the tares are left in the field (earth) and will be burnt in the Wrath of the Vials....which the 7 Fire Angels are given after the 7th Trumpet has sounded.  According to various scriptures, one being Psalm 149:4-9, the Saints will be given the honor as HIS Bride to be in His army during the Wrath, executing vengeance upon the evil nations.


     (Some "scholars" say that the last trumpet in the Book of Revelations is not the trumpet that was referred to as the "last" by this Apostles taught by Jesus, because John had not received the Revelation yet, at the time the Apostle said it would be the last.  I WOULD SUGGEST THAT ANYTHING JESUS TAUGHT TO THE APOSTLES WAS FROM THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE FATHER WHO KNEW EVERYTHING (including what was revealed to John) FROM THE BEGINNING!  Jesus knew it was the 7th and last trumpet that gave the Fire Angels the Vials to destroy the tares as HE troddens them in the Winepress of the Wrath of God!  Jesus only did not know the day or hour that this event would be appointed.  Only the FATHER knew that appointed time.  The Day and Hour does not preclude knowing the season, or even the month for those who are watching in the Latter Times.  Jesus taught that those who were watching, HIS elect....would not be taken by surprise.  Why?  Because the Old Testament prophets who were given God's word to speak, clearly identified how many days it would take for certain things to happen.  He also gave Daniel the last 70 Sacred Years (Sevens) that would be given to the regathered Jewish people in the last days. 70 years in which all the Day prophesies would take place towards the end of the 70 Sevens given.  HE did this because HE loves all the people and HE wants that not any suffer the everlasting 2nd Death of their Spirit.(Rev. 20:14)  In the


Latter Times, the faithful who Believe are already saved by the LAMB, Jesus...they just have to endure until the end when the last trump is about to sound. (not forsaking their Faith because they may have to go through some tribulation and refining into gold.  These Day prophesies are given so that when they start... (which they do before the "transfiguration"of the Faithful Believers who will have endured until the 7th trumpet is about to sound when we receive the same Body that Jesus has. 1Cor.15:35-58) ...the non Believers who have put their faith in science and the knowledge of man, and who have good hearts, will see that what God revealed long ago is happening....and they will know that HE is God and they will believe in all of HIS Words, and in HIS Son, Jesus Christ, our LAMB, and returning KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS.....before the sounding of the 7th trumpet and last.....which means they will escape the WRATH of Vials if they confess true Belief and Faith in the Salvation of Jesus anytime between the 6th trumpet events and the last trumpet events.....their last window to miss the Wrath.


Jesus identifies Himselfand the 7 Angels to John, and tells John he will be shown things from the past, present and future, and he will have to write of them. (Rev.1:19) (These 7 angels are messengers of God, not pastors of churches or founders of denominations as some men like to proclaim.  They are of God, not of man.)


Discusses the 1,2,3,4th Churches. 1=no love,           2=approved,              3=compromised,                 4=Corrupt


Discusses the 5,6,7th Churches.  5=Dead,                           6=Faithful,                      7= Lukewarm


Discusses the Throne Room of Heaven where time is Eternal, past/present/future. John is taken here in the spirit, as that is the only way man can enter there, and is shown the past, present and future.  This is about John only, it does not represent the rapture of all the Saints....which pre-rapture christians want to believe as they want an easy path.


Discusses the SCROLL of Restoration...only the LAMB is worthy to open and use and apply this PLAN of HE paid the price before the foundations of the world.  (Tho physically, HIS LAMB death occurred in Jerusalem around 30AD...HE Spiritually was slain when first created in the SPIRIT as the LIGHT from the FATHER.)  This LIGHT was what defined the Dark and separated it from all that was Good. (First Chapter of Genesis).  HE than went on to create all that was required in the Plan for the restoration of God's Spiritual children.  This Restoration will be completed for all that are going to be restored when the Kingdom is handed back to the FATHER after the final judgement.(1 COR. 15:24-26). Those who endure til the end will be restored back into the FATHER, just as Jesus, and be mothers, brothers and sisters with HIM....ONE....restored from the corrupted natural body to the glory and power of the spiritual body like Jesus has. (1 COR15:44) (There are two ends for enduring: the first "end" occurs before the 7th trump sounds for alive Believers now, and those who have died in Christ before than;  and the second end for those who are killed in the Wrath of Vials who came to Belief during that time, and for those who survived the Wrath Vials and enter the Kingdom reign in their clay bodies, and for those who are born into the Kingdom as the Wrath survivors' children,... this end will be at the end of the Hour of Trial when the dragon is unbound at the end of the Millennium Kingdom to test those in flesh upon the world at that time. )  The Saints of the 6th Faithful Church are spared the Hour of Trial (Rev.3:10)


 Discusses the Seals on the Scroll where the Spirits are released upon the earth to restore and sort to them (via our attraction to them) the spirits within the clay bodies who desire the same Spirits.  It is for the sorting out of the tares. Liars on one side and Thieves on the other. (Thieves are also murders, taking another life for their gain.) The first four Seals (tied to colored horses) were upon the earth since almost the beginning and were discussed in Ezekiel as going to and fro upon the earth.  When each Spirit is released from the Seal, it stays until bound, or til the end of Restoration after the Millennium is completed.  (See Chart)  I believe we are in the 6th Seal of the Spirit of man's rule and pride, looking to man instead of God for the answers.  The influence of this 6th Seal includes a huge catastrophic event that causes man to look outside himself.  This event could be being held back from happening by the 7th Seal being removed....the four winds are held back....a pause.  If my understanding about the Seals being Spirits is correct, and they stay and mingle together until the end....the 6th Seal Spirit would mingle with the 7th Seal Spirit and the huge catastrophic event described for the 6th Seal, may occur within the 7th Seal Spirits release....The Day of the LORD time.


I believe we are in the 6th Seal Spirit of the will of man's authority, man's rule, man's science, no longer relying on God's authority, guidance or standards.  The influence of this Spirit comes to its conclusion with man hiding in caves and such from the Wrath of God which occurs when the 7th trumpet sounds.  Or, possibly during the 5th and 6th trumpets when we are invaded by fallen angels and the host of satan.  Tho I think they come as saviors and are not revealed for what they are until the 7th trump is about to sound.  John is shown the most spectacular event that occurs under this 6th Spirit released by the removal of the 6th Seal on the Scroll....which is caused by the path that man's rule has taken away from God.  God is through striving with mankind's, after approximately 6,000 years.


Discusses the 144,000 Hebrew peoples who are sealed for their protection (probably having to go through the trumpet tribulation of satan and/or the Vial Wrath of God.  They may also be at least a portion of the Two Witnesses that witness against the false ruler and religion that comes upon the earth in the trumpet periods.  When satan is allowed to kill them they are resurrected after 3-1/2 days (probably as the 7th trumpet is getting ready to sound, which could be on the 1,335th day (45 days after the 1,290th day wherein something happens that God considers an abomination. DAN.12:11-12)  God would consider satan announcing he is God Almighty/Jesus (eliminating Christianity), an abomination,.... as would HE also consider the Jews commencing blood animal sacrifices for their sins an abomination also, after the Daily Sacrifice in the true "Temple" (which is each body of a Believer John 3:16, John 6:17-20....Christianity) has been "cut off".....abolished...outlawed! Christians are to make daily sacrifices of their will for God's,.... repenting daily when they fail, so that they can stay cleansed by the waters of Life that Jesus their Seed of the Holy Spirit within can blossom and grow, being made ready for the rebirth into the Spiritual body that is like Jesus, the Appointed Time that has been set by the FATHER...who controls time....and measures it out.


Discusses the 7th Seal being removed from the Scroll of LAMB and the Spirit of the Day of the LORD entering our earthly corrupted zone.  Refers to the pause (just before or after removal) silence in heaven; the prayers of the saints (probably those as given to us by our LORD, JESUS...."Thy Kingdom come...Thy Will be done...provide our Daily Bread which is the knowledge of Jesus, our LIGHT,....forgive us as we forgive others....enlighten us away from being tempted by the world and satan's offerings, .....deliver us from evil!) How sad that so many forsake this perfect prayer made for the times we are in....that is why Jesus gave it to us.  Discusses the first four trumpets.....which I believe happen at almost the same time, in the same area,  in a very short span of time...because exactly 1/3 of various things are destroyed during this war of the 4 trumpet battles.  I believe that all the "grass" being destroyed (instead of 1/3 of it, as would be reasonably expected of the pattern of 1/3)  refers to the world wide financial money system. (James 1:11, 5:3)  It collapses when the trumpets start.  Knowing these things are coming it would be wise for the churches of God to prepare food storage to help feed HIS people during these hard times....but no....they teach the pre-rapture hell with those left behind.  A rather selfish mind set in my opinion.  According to Enoch the first four battles are won by God's people (Israel).  I imagine that the UN would move in to make peace and take over with the entire world lending their assistance to that area....probably with a "one" year peace treaty evoked amongst the parties that fought.  I think there is a possibility that this one year peace treaty (one "Seven" of the 70 given to Daniel.....original ancient text read "seven".....not "weeks"!  The Sacred Year of the Hebrews established by God to Moses covers 7 months of every year.....spring through fall....and includes 7 Holy Sabbaths and 7 Holy Feast Days, two of which are 7 days long.  From a latter day is easy to consider that these 70 sevens were given to the latter day Jewish gathering of now.....and that the call went forth in 1947 after that Sacred Year was over, and the first Sacred Year from that time would be March of 1948 as the first year of one possible range of the 70. ) could be broken after and because of the 5th and 6th trumpets....of satan take over, pretending to be god with us.  He has been allowed out of the pit.  The one that the Islamist and the Holy Roman church is looking for.  Rome has an observatory in Arizona or New Mexico that is actively looking for something to come that will change how we read the Bible and that is "superior".  Interesting!


Discusses the 5th and 6th trumpets detailed. 


Discusses the Angel of the Lord; the 7 Thunders, and announces the Appointed Time, when the 7th trumpet is about to sound...which is when the mystery of GOD would be finished as HE had declared to HIS servants the prophets.  I would assume that this may also include the mystery of the son of perdition....revealing him too.


Gives details about the Two Witnesses(Their 1,260 days probably correlate with the reign of the false ones of the World Order and the one from the pit combined, over Israel/Jerusalem.)   Their death by the beast from the pit (during 5th/6th trumpet?)and their resurrection.   It than discusses the sounding of the 7th Trumpet, and that it announces that  the Authority of the kingdoms of the earth  have been given to our LORD (ALPHA AND OMEGA), and that HIS reign is forever.  His KINGDOM has started.  (If Jesus is given the authority, it means satan's is over, and all that remains is gathering him and his armies to Armeggedon, and burning/cleaning satan's tares from the earth.)  Temple of GOD was opened in Heaven.


Gives historical and future details about GOD's Bride and her offspring (Jews and Christians) and the dragon's past, present, and future pursuit of same.  He cannot find the woman who God hid in the Wilderness (I think America may be the Wilderness wherein she was given two wings of an eagle and flew to the Wilderness that HE prepared for her....via Europe!) for the 1,260 Days of Tribulation (span of first trumpet to  just before the 7th).  If these Jews are not covered by belief in the LAMB,...or are not part of the 144,000 Sealed...and are amongst those that survive the Wrath and enter the Millennium in their clay bodies....brought to our returned KING OF KINGS in Jerusalem.....from a land crossed by many rivers, of a people of bare skin, and terrible from their beginning,......than these 1,260 days will also include part or all of the WRATH, which Wrath, GOD shortens with HIS time control powers.....or else all mankind would be destroyed.


Gives details about the Sea Beast (Isaiah 27,28,29) (Hosea 13) and the Land Beast.


Chapters 14 (and 15) discuss details concerning the 7th Trumpet Sounding.  Details of the 144,000 protected by Jesus, Refers to the time of the Two Witnesses where with the help of the 1st Proclaiming Angel the world is informed of the coming Judgement 7th Trump of God.  The 2nd Proclaiming Angel announces the fall of Babylon. The 3rd Proclaiming Angel explains to the world regarding the finality of the Wrath which is coming for those worshiping and being marked with the name of the Beast.  Jesus is told that it is time for The Harvest of Jesus (us). Then the Angel of Fire tells another angle with a sickle that it is time for the harvest into the Winepress of the Wrath of God.  (Bowls)


John is shown the 7 Bowl/Vial Angels about to descend from heaven upon the Babylonian system of the Beast and false prophet of the false Babylonian religion.  He is shown the Sea of Glass (Eternal Life?)and those standing on it, those who were the Harvest of Jesus.  Shown the Temple of the Tabernacle and the 7 Bowl/Vial Angels coming from it.  Shown one of the 4 living creatures that surround the Throne giving the Bowls of Wrath to these angels. Shown the smoke coming from the Temple of the Tabernacle, preventing anyone from entering it until the Bowl Wrath was completed.


Discusses the pouring out of the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Bowls upon the earth.  (, 18, and 19


Than in Chapters 17, more details are given concerning what makes up the Babylonian system historically to the future, and what happens to the present day City which she is centered in (New York?).  Details concerning her and the dragon which she has ridden since the beginning (she has always been, and is supported by the dragon). The dragon has controlled 7 systems of rule (heads, which are also known as mountains) The Babylonian system has rested on these 7 "mountains" (influenced them).  (God also has a Mountain, which is referred to many times in scriptures).  Each mountain has a king.  5 are past, the 6th was in John's time (Rome) and the 7th was in the future of John and was Muslim.  The Muslim rule was interrupted by the Holy Roman Church and than continued as Muslim rule until the UN took control in the latter time and gave the land to Israel.  Whose rule the Muslims do not recognize.)  The 8th comes from the 7th and goes to perdition. (The 8th is satan....son of perdition and comes from the 7th....which ever that was or rather is!!!!  Confusing!)  This 8th king, satan, when he comes, gives authority to 10 kings (his 10 horns), briefly....and are one mind with him to destroy God's people and make war with JESUS returning.  The 10 kings will destroy the City Harlot Babylon (New York?).  What city reigns over the kings of the earth? 


This chapter describes the details of the Babylonian Harlot City's fall.   Possibly at the first sounding of the 7th trump....Burned with fire in one hour.  A place of world trade, luxuries, financial stock market, world bank, UN, dishonest worldwide great merchants, Sorceries (music/arts/digital/tv/movie/gaming, news media industries, all things by which the world is drugged out by and emotionally controlled to abandon God and worship of self and idols..  It also states that the Bride & Groom are no longer there...and the Light of the candle is gone. (This is probably also around the time that the Bride is taken up...7th trump)


Shows heavens exultation over the destroyed Babylon City and OMEGA coming to win the Armeggedon battle with satan and his followers. Mentions the Bride having clothed herself in white and fine linen having made herself ready by enduring until the 7th trump sounded.  Psalm 149:4 also refers to the Bride having achieved her glory and salvation and than it goes into her helping Him execute vengeance upon the nations in Psalms 149:7.  She is even given a two edged sword.  Those who have enough love for Jesus will have the patience and faith to endure until the 7th trump is about to sound and they will be changed and they will rise up in their glorified Eternal Bodies to be in the army of Jesus.  Revelations 19 and Psalm 149: 4-9 (two of many places in the Bible that discuss this latter day event)  (Rev.19:7="Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.") We rise up as HIS Bride and help HIM execute HIS vengeance upon those of earth who have chosen evil.  Scripture states that if we don't hate evil, we do not love God.  My fondest desire is to be in HIS army.  Read Revelation 19 and Psalm 149:4-9.  It is clear that our rapture is immediately before the WRATH of Vials, which is Jesus and HIS hosts treading out the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God upon the nations.  The same nations mentioned in Psalm 149: 4-9.  In This same Chapter 19 of Revelations, Jesus harvest of us, (rapture) is immediately followed by the burning of the tares, harvest unto the Wrath of God into the winepress.  This is the period of the WRATH which those who come to faith via their knowledge of the Day prophesies in the Bible, can avoid, if they believe before the 7th trump is about to sound and have not been deceived by the false one.


Discusses satan being bound.  The Millennium 1,000 years reign of JESUS, ALPHA AND OMEGA, and the martyred saints reigning with HIM as the first resurrection. (in scripture elsewhere it says those that are translated at HIS coming serve with HIM.)  Satan is let loose in the last 40 years (hour) and he and all those who flock to him for the Gog and Magog battle are devoured with fire from heaven.  THRONE of Judgement comes down and the heaven and earth flee from the face of HE who sits upon it.  2nd Death Administered.  Only those in the Book of Life receive Eternal Life and are restored. 


 The Holy City New Jerusalem, The Bride descends.  Discusses this TABERNACLE OF GOD that all who were in the Book of Life are part of now.  It is time for the new Heavens and new earth.  We are no longer separated from God's zone.


Discusses the crystal clear waters of LIFE proceeding from the Throne of God and the LAMB.  The Tree of LIFE.  No more Curse, His Servants serve HIM, and HIS Name shall be on their foreheads.  The LORD GOD is the LIGHT.  The reign is forever and ever.  Discusses with John that the time is near for this (7th Seal opening)....Day of the LORD.  John is told to reveal what he has been shown.  A warning is given that those who hear of this prophecy of Revelation, if they should add anything to it they will suffer the plagues described.  Or if they take anything away, they will lose their place in the Book of Life, from the Holy City, and from the things which are written.  It should be taught in it's entirety  as a whole.  All possible "understandings" that are supported by scripture should be taught together.  In this manner when it unfolds the faith and patience of the saints will not falter because they have been prepared.

Keys & Scriptures

Yellow = Overview  details which can include past, present, or future details of the event, action, or thing being discussed.  Making it out of sequence with a linear elapsing of time.